Monday, July 11, 2011

Finally... We Made It To Chicago

We had tried to go to Chicago to see our friends at least 3 times while I was pregnant, but each time something came up. Finally, we were able to take a weekend and go to the city. Lilly was in the Moby most of the weekend and she enjoyed eating, sleeping and looking around while all snuggled up. She was in awe of all the sounds; it seemed like there was always a siren in the background that had her interest and the sidewalk performers’ music got her dancing. We had no real plans for the trip so we had a delicious dinner at Fogo with The Oostings followed by a leisurely walk down Michigan Ave and dessert at the cheesecake factory. Sunday we enjoyed a lazy Sunday morning in the city and lunch at Portillos with The Oostings and Jamie and Davy. It won’t be too long and we will be back in town to celebrate Jamie and Davy’s wedding. We were curious if Lilly would sleep well in her Pack-N-Play, since it was the first time we had used it, but we were delighted she slept like we were at home. Hopefully that means that stays in hotels will be fun experiences in the future.