Monday, July 25, 2011

Lillian Grace: Three Months Old

We cannot believe that we have been blessed with three full months with Lillian, she is such a delight and every day brings something new and exciting. This past month has been very busy, we have been in Concord to prepare for Erin’s wedding (including hosting showers and dress fittings,) we have been over at our old housing finishing up projects so that Erin and Jake can move to a new place and some friends can move in and we have been to Chicago and will be heading to Madison at the end of the week. Lilly has had to learn to adjust to new surrounding often and she has done a good job. I am sure it is not easy to sleep while Daddy is using the multi-tool or to eat while walking through the streets of Chicago. Hopefully, this will help her be flexible as she grows.

She is growing rapidly to us, but she is still on the dainty side weighing 10lbs and standing at 23 inches. Le Petit Bébé has moved from a standard three hour feeding schedule to a four hour schedule which has given us the opportunity to play and read more often. Lilly loves books and especially likes ones that can be accompanied with sounds, usually we read several books before nap times. Play time for Lilly is very diverse, mostly because we have been traveling so much. If we are in the car she does a great job playing with a toy attached to her car seat like Mortimer The Moose, Gisele The Giraffe or Ruby The Rabbit. We try not to let play time take place while we are driving as Matt and I have so much fun when we get to participate. Tummy time has gotten to be second nature to Lilly Bug and she enjoys lifting her head and rolling over (video to come). She still doesn’t like to lie on her stomach for too long as it seems to make her tummy upset. We have also incorporated swimming time and activity mat time in to her repertoire.

Sleep for Lilly is very important and we are realizing that she needs to have extra visual stimulation blocked out as she falls asleep. We have started to put a gauzy blanket over her eyes as she is ready to sleep and within minutes she will be out cold, then we can remove it for the rest of her nap. This trick works every time and we are finding that she will pull Ruby the Rabbit, which is attached to a small blanket over her eyes if she needs to fall asleep. I am thinking this diva is going to need a sleep mask in the future; similar to the one Eliose has in the” Eloise at Christmastime” movie. With so many changes in the past month, we are excited to see what next month brings.