Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lillian Grace: Two Months Old

Two months has brought tons of smiles. Lilly loves to smile and she has several variations of her smile that she likes to use at the appropriate time. There is the half smile, used when she is somewhat amused at our antics. A normal smile that I usually can capture for photos and a big cheesy-gummy smile reserved only for the most silly and amusing things that we do. Mostly we see that smile when we have dance party time, animal sound extravaganza, mandatory Mrs. Whiskers visitation time, Auntie Erin hair salon time and swimming/bath time.

Along with her endless smiles Lilly has found her voice and she likes to practice the different sounds she can make. She ranges from little piggy grunts when starting to get hungry to her newer and louder shrieks of delight. It is hard not to smile at her delightful sounds, although we are probably the only ones smiling when she tests them out in a restaurant or store.

We have done a lot of traveling this month and we are starting to get good at it. Lilly has been back to GiGi and Pip Pop Luttenton’s house several times to swim and visit with family. On the drive down she usually falls asleep, but she also finds drive time entertainment looking at herself in the mirror. On the special occasion we travel with Mrs. Whiskers, she really likes to talk and look at her traveling companion. When Mrs. Whiskers can’t come along for the ride she fancies her stuffed giraffe we call Gisele.

She continues to grow and grow and now weighs a whopping 9lbs and is 22.5" long.