Monday, July 4, 2011

Water Baby

We just returned back to Grand Rapids after a fun and sun filled couple of days at my parents’ house by the pool. Having a pool has never gotten old to me and I still enjoy it every time we have a chance to get home. Of course I can say it never gets old because I never have to clean it anymore, but maybe that will change once we put our own pool in at our house in the future. I have always loved the water and I have been especially interested to see how Lilly would like swimming in the pool. I had high hopes she would enjoy it since she loves to take her baths. So after a nice long morning nap we put on her swimsuit and sun hat and we tested the waters. She loved every minute of it, whether she was in the big pool with Matt or in the warm pool with Auntie Erin or I, she just kicked and giggled and splashed. I hated to make her get out when it was time for her nap and she protested to let us know she did not want to stop. I can’t wait to start her swim lessons later this summer.