Saturday, August 27, 2011

Back-To-School Week Begins ...

Back-To-School week ... so here are a few video clips to hold you over until I can post our first ever First Day Of School Post ... I'll let the excitement and anticipation build for a few days.

Finally, a clip of Lilly doing the rolling thing, it only took me an entire month to post. This is not her first official rolling over debut, that video still needs to be edited, as the claps and cheers are deafening. But this was taken back when she was a newbie.

Lilly Rolling Over Like a Pro

Lilly has a great interest in the current state of our space program. Here she is discussing the finer points of her 10 steps plan to get to Mars and back. You can tell Rickey Rocket is giving her a piece of his mind and she rebuts with a heated argument.

Lilly Discusses With Ricky Rocket The Future Of The Space Program