Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lillian Grace: Four Months Old

Oh, what a month for our little social butterfly. Lilly Bug has been here, there and everywhere and has met so many new people. The major event of the month was Auntie Erin and Uncle Jake’s wedding in which Lilly was the honorary flower girl … meaning she got a really cute dress and slept through the ceremony and most of the reception. We did find enough wake time to get some great family pictures and for her to test out her new vocal accomplishments during dinner. Thank goodness our family friend Diane was there to care for our little opera singer. Lilly was able to meet a lot of out of town family for the first time and she happily snuggled with anyone who wanted to hold her.

After her flower girl debut Lilly experienced school for the first time and she loves her teacher Ms. April. She only goes part of the day on Tuesday and Thursday, but from what we can tell she seems to enjoy it. Her favorite activity so far, lounging on her tummy with her head held high watching the other babies … I can only imagine what she is thinking. It will be interesting to see her social skills develop over the course of the semester. Tuesday and Thursdays are the prefect days to visit school as they are art and music days and Lilly LOVES her music. For real, if you ever need high pitched squeals in a band call her up!

The finale of her social month was another trip to Chicago, this time she was able to spend her visit with Grandma and Grandpa Knoll who came from Minneapolis for the weekend. While Matt and I went a beautiful wedding she treated Grandma and Grandpa to a tour of the city. Good thing she has mad navigation skills like her mother and knows where every store and restaurant is within walking distance. Lucky for grandma and grandpa she is still too little to max out the credit cards and still too tiny to eat her weight in popcorn and candy. Speaking of her stature, Lilly now weighs 12.8 pounds and is 24.5”tall. Still our Petit Bébé. I am not going to lie, it is wonderful that she is still wearing newborn or size 0-3 … we still have SO many great new outfits to grown into! Yea!