Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Quick Trip Up North

When it starts to feel like Fall I feel like heading Up North.  This year we enjoyed a beautiful September get-away to Mackinac Island, the weather was perfect and there were no crowds in sight.

On the way to Mackinac we took the long way and stopped to enjoy the early afternoon in the city of Charlevoix.  Lilly had her first trip to The Cherry Republic and wanted to try everything, I promised her she would receive some cherry goodness as soon as my favorite dried tart cherries were converted to milk later that day.

Lilly is such a good backseat passenger.  She loves to talk to the "baby" in the mirror, play with her toys and take a good cat nap in the sun.  She has now claimed the entire backseat as her domain and even fancies her diaper to be changed on the folded down seat in the car, no dirty bathrooms for her.

We took the Sheplers Ferry to the island and we were delighted that Lilly enjoyed the rocking of the boat.  She didn't fall asleep on the ride there or back, but she did get a little blissed out.  She even seemed somewhat interested in looking around as we got closer to the island.

We spent most of the morning walking around town while Lilly took her nap.  Knowing that Lilly was going to want lunch soon after, we grabbed a quick lunch from town and found a great little spot tucked away on the beach just past the school to eat at.  It was beautiful and the sun and cool breeze were just what I was hoping for.  Lilly has been trying to help us feed her lately, so we let her practice a little bit on the bench, but the whole time I reminded her that she was drinking liquid gold and not to waste a drop of it.  She seemed to give me a look like "Chill out mom, you can just pump me some more."

To travel light we carried Lilly in the front pack for the trip.  She loved the vantage point and how snug and warm it kept her.  We took the carriage ride of the island and saw arch rock, the state forest and many other historical sites.  The horses seem to interest Lilly as first, but the rocking motion of the carriage put her right to sleep.

Included in our carriage ticket was entrance to a butterfly house.  It was almost as cool as the Gardens in Grand Rapids, but quite a bit smaller.  The nice part about the visit is that we were the only three in the house so we had lots of one-on-one with the butterflies.  Lilly had a great time tracking the butterflies and looking at the colorful plants.  She got herself into quite the rolling giggle over the experience.  On the way out we couldn't resist posing her in front of a giant turtle with the sign that read, "Please, Do Not Touch Lilly."  We tried to get her to do her best grumpy face for the photo, but she didn't see the humor in it.

After two long days of activities there was just enough time at the end of the night to enjoy some play time in her pack and play.