Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lillian Grace: Five Months Old

While doing some Fall cleaning I came across some newborn outfits in Lilly’s closet that needed to be packed away. It is amazing to think that she is no longer that little babe we brought home from the hospital, now she is a full five months old and is growing bigger and stronger every day.
The past month has been focused on getting settled into a routine. With me teaching two days a week and Matt extra busy at work, we have really worked hard at establishing a good routine. Lilly is eating five times a day and is consuming somewhere close to 30 ounces of breast milk. She seems to be very content with her eating routine so we have held off on the rice or solids for a while longer. She still continues to enjoy her naps and takes three naps a day. Her first nap is my favorite since we usually snuggle up in bed and both fall back asleep. Her second nap is my most productive time of the day and her third nap gets her ready for a fun evening with Daddy. We have heard that she will quickly outgrow her multiple nap routine, so for now we are savoring every minute of it. Nighttime sleep is getting easier for Lilly, but harder on me. She sleeps consistently from 9 to somewhere between 7 and 8 am. The hard part is patrolling her self-directed stomach sleeping, she does sleep much better and is much more comfortable in that position, but it means I tend to check on her more and sleep much less soundly.
Like the months before, we have seen lots of “firsts.” Lilly G had her first boat ride and trip to Mackinac Island along with her first encounter with a horse. She mastered rolling from her back to stomach and now refuses to roll from her stomach to back, as she thinks that is so passé. She caught her first cold and we learned how much she absolutely hates to have her nose cleaned out. What a drama queen! She has also started to really enjoy books and we have seen her favor pages out of a few choice books. She has especially taken a liking to the Halloween/Fall theme we are working on at home and at school.