Friday, October 28, 2011

October's Learning Theme

I was finally able to get my act together and work with a theme for our interaction times with Lilly this month.  I have been trying to make this happen since the beginning of the school year, but business processes and systems analysis took precedence and Lilly has had about enough of that talk.  So, the theme for October was Fall Leaves and Halloween, it went hand-in-hand with her school theme so that made the planning easy.  At home our featured books for the month were 5 Little Pumpkins, A Pumpkin Prayer, When The Leaf Blew In and Biscuit's Pet and Play Halloween.  Lilly really fancies the bright orange of pumpkins so she especially liked the 5 Little Pumpkins and A Pumpkin Prayer books.  In fact she was starting to fuss while we were waiting one day and I pulled the 5 Little Pumpkins book out of the diaper bag and she quieted immediately.  An on-looker was so surprised she had to comment that she did not know a book could quiet a baby … ah, the power of a good book!  When we were not reading our books we investigated Fall leaves, visited an apple orchard, took walks to enjoy the colors of Fall and played with pumpkins.  We sang about the 5 Little Pumpkins and even learned about some feelings that pumpkins might have.  At school the teachers made black ghost shapes and Lilly painted them white with finger paint.  Next month we are focusing on Giving Thanks, yea for a theme that works with singing the Doxology and Simple Gifts.