Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend Warrior

Matt and I took a quick get-away to Traverse City to enjoy the Fall colors and take a break from work and house projects. While we were away Lilly spent time with Auntie Erin & Uncle Jake and GiGi & Papa Luttenton.

First, they did some calisthenics to get pumped for a full day of activities. Obviously, Lilly takes exercise seriously and needed to wear her leg warmers and curve hugging bodysuit. Her look says, “Don’t bother me, I am in the middle of my favorite jazzercise routine.”

Then, they spent some time exploring space, which as you can tell, is utterly exhausting.

At some point, there was a demand to wear a purple kitty cat hat. It was probably around the same time that Lilly was trying to call Mrs. Whiskers to her side with her Mariah Carey shrieks (video clip to come.)

Lilly knows it is important to balance work and play, so she took some time from her busy schedule to catch up on some light reading, presumably “Good Night Moon.” As you can tell a modern gal like herself fancies digital books… her new iphone is pre-ordered and in the mail.

She ended the weekend with a very important skype call to Grandma & Grandpa Knoll, as you can tell she had so many things to tell them about.