Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lillian Grace: Six Months Old

Wow, Lilly has hit that six month mark and it is like we have a totally different baby.  It is hard to even remember back to the early days when she was eating round the clock, waking up several times a night and barely able to hold her head up.  Now she is sleeping through the night, eating only 5 times a day and moving and shaking.

Sitting was a major milestone of Lilly Bug this month.  She was really shaky when she turned 5 months, but now she is a pro and she is testing her limits by leaning, reaching and chewing on things while sitting.  It is quite comical to see her contemplate the situation and then just go for it.  It seems to be her personality, think then do.  Once Lilly made a habit of sitting up, scooting and army crawling were soon to follow and man can this gal scoot towards something she wants.  I think it is great training for after Thanksgiving Day sales in the future.  I have some video to post of her army crawling towards her favorite objects, mostly electronics, which I will post soon.

Lilly also started to dine on rice cereal mixed with breast milk and she is happy to fill her belly several times a day.  After some trial and error, I found that I was mixing the cereal too thin for her preference, she likes it best when it is similar to rice pudding… must be a flash back to the rice pudding I liked to eat while pregnant.  Her recent check-up with Dr. Kern was right on curve and she is weighing in at 13.4 pounds and 25 inches.