Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Reason We Don't Take Lilly To A Photo Studio

Every month I take two pictures of Lilly in the same place, in the same outfits and in the same pose.  I hope that over time these pictures will be a reminder of how much she changed and grew in her first year.  Up until this month I had questioned if I should have taken her to a professional every month to capture this growth, knowing that my less than professional pictures might not be the best memory.  However, this afternoon as we staged her 7th month photo shoot I am glad that we made the choice to take her pictures at home.  Here are some shots and some commentary from the event.

Lilly: Momma, I know you put me on my back for this shot, but that is too boring.  My artistic eye says it would be much better if I was on my tummy, so I went ahead and rolled over while you were getting your camera turned on.  Don't worry I am a professional, I know what I am doing.

Me: Lilly can you look at me and smile.
Lilly: Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, here comes the Kitty.  I don't have time for a picture right now, I need to focus on getting Kitty to come over to see me.  I haven't petted her all day and I am dying to pet her soooo soooooft fur.

Me: Lilly can you take you hand out of your mouth and smile. 
Lilly: Momma, that is something a 6 month old does, I am 7 months old and I can do both.  See, I have my hand in my mouth and I am smiling.

Lilly:  Momma, I think we might need a wardrobe change, I did have avocado for lunch.  Nope, just kidding, it is fine ... carry on.

Me: Okay, Lilly just one more smile and then we can go track down Kitty for some petting zoo time. 
Lilly: Oh, you said smile, I thought you said sing one more time.... lalalala.