Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We had a wonderful visit out in Minnesota for a combined Thanksgiving/Christmas/Birthday celebration.  Lilly did fantastic on the drive and we were so happy that she was so happy in the car.  To make feeding, changing, playing easier, we folded down the front seat and made a limo-like experience so that sitting next to her in the backseat wasn’t so cavernous and that seemed to make everyone happy. 

While we were in the North Start state we enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with twenty or so of our closest family and Lilly got to meet most of them for the first time.  She really loved all the attention and especially liked her interaction with Little Cousin Cooper.  She even had a bite or two of Sweet Potatoes and that made her smile.
Lillian Grace spent lots of time with her grandparents and was very happy to read, play and snuggle with them while Matt and I, along with Rachel, Stephen and Jessica went to a hockey game.  It is the first time I have seen a Wild game in MN and the arena was really nice.  But like usual, MN tends to lose in my presence, even if they are not playing Detroit.

An early Christmas was just what we needed to add to the celebration weekend.  Like always we were spoiled with love and gifts.  And even though Lilly was fighting a high fever she was able to tear open the paper, sans clothes of course.

It is always hard to leave MN after such a short visit, as there are always more things that Matt and I would love to do while we are out there.  But that just leaves us even more reasons to visit again and again.