Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lillian Grace: 8 Months Old

This month has been all about Lillian’s mouth.  She loves baby food and after some trials and errors we have finally found the perfect balance of breast milk and food.  Her menu now includes peas, parsnips, sweet potato, and squash.  Avocado is still her most favorite vegetable (even though it is really a fruit) and she loves, loves, loves banana and cereal.  In fact, she got so attached to the bananas that we had to cut back for a few days so she would remember she liked the vegetables, too.  Lilly has also found a new favorite hobby… feeding herself.  She adores to be in control of her feedings, which can be a little testing at times, but give her a Baby Mum-Mum and she is ecstatic and she will welcome our help with the spoon.  On special occasions she will even share part of her Mum-Mum, but she appreciates it if you don’t take too much.

Another mouth topic to appear this month was Lilly’s first tooth.  I am still trying to get a good picture of her pearly white, which is her bottom right front tooth.  She had been working on her teeth for months so when one finally broke through on her 8 month birthday it was exciting.  But be aware, now that she has a sharp object in her mouth it is no longer safe to have your fingers anywhere near her lips.

And speaking of lips, Lilly has really taken to making noises that involve her lips and her tongue.  I don’t know where she picked it up, but she loves to click her tongue and even more she loves to push air through her lips and make a brrrr sound.  The brrr sound is very cute, but not so fun when she does it while eating … what a stinker.  She continues to work on her vocal styling and lets everyone hear how much she loves to sing.  The music really does it for her and she will hit the high notes with the best of them.  We often hear her practicing during her quiet time before her nap.  Poor Mrs. Whiskers knows all about the high notes and continues to peacefully tolerate the barrage of babble that Lilly yells at her.  We have been working on the word Meow and every once in a while we think we hear something that resembles it, other times it comes out like a hard K sound which actually sounds like she is hissing at the kitty, Mrs. Whiskers doesn’t like that so much, but how do you explain that to an 8 month old.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Lilly's Night Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas and Lilly enjoyed every minute of it.  At church during the Christmas Eve service she enjoyed singing every song, although I am not sure everyone in the congregation appreciated her Mariah Carey octaves.  And at home she delighted in reading Christmas stories, enjoying a bite or two of sweets, putting out food for the reindeer and snuggling in her new Christmas Pajamas with family members.

Lillian Grace ~ 1st Christmas Eve

Hearing about the naughty or nice list for the first time.  She was shocked!

Enjoying her new rocking chair!

A Christmas Eve Visit With The Tomasoski Family

We were so happy to have the opportunity to visit with lots of friends and family over the Christmas Holiday.  Lilly especially enjoyed our visit with the Tomasoski family, she LOVED having Blake and Drew over to play and surprisingly she fit right in with the boys.  She pushed aside the dolls and went right for the trains, blocks and towers, what a gal.

Lilly is a tad too handsy for Drew's taste.

All three enjoying play time.

Story time with Uncle Matt.

Best group shot of the morning.

Blake was more than happy to hold Lilly and give her some love, what a tender heart this little boy has.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Lillian Grace: 7 Months Old

Life with a seven month old is so interesting, I mean that seriously.  Lillian is developing so much every day and it is so interesting to watch that development.  She continues to improve her sitting and crawling and she is now very close to going from a side lying to sitting position on her own, which means she almost has abs of steel.  She continues to love, love, love Mrs. Whiskers and she can distinctively recognize the jingle of her collar and will stop what she is doing and look to see where Kitty is and sometimes she will even crawl super-fast to visit her.

Eating has been an adventure this month with the bug, she still indulgently loves her breastmilk, but with the introduction of solid foods in to her routine, she has been a little too full for normal milk intake.  We are navigating that path and trying to find the perfect balance.  Sweet Potatoes mixed with squash and avocado are still her go to solids, although I plan to whip up a batch or two of some bananas, parsnips and applesauce to try over the next few weeks.    I have found some great resources for making homemade baby food and I love to see the vitamin and mineral count of the different vegetables and fruits, it has helped me to pick the best solids to pack a powerful punch.  Although, we love our gal’s petite statue and ability to wear clothes over and over again, we want to make sure that she is a lean mean growing machine. 
Lilly is really getting in to the holiday spirit, which I will document with a separate post later this week, for now Lilly and I are off to grade exams and to celebrate the end of the semester.  No school for a whole month for the 2 of us, hip-hip-hooray!