Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lillian Grace: 9 Months Old

 I don't even know where Lillian's 9th month went.  With the start of the semester, arrival of Winter and post holiday relaxing, it feels like the days just slipped away.  Overall the month was filled with lots of playing, lots of time with family and lots of food.  Sprinkled into the warm comfortable days we did have some highlights. 

Lilly cut another tooth, which she loves to feel with her tongue. The little bug, has her "hyper" mobile tongue moving all the time.  A trait that I dread as I think of her as a teenager.  Her two teeth have helped her explore some additional foods.  And she is now enjoying finger foods like peaches, puffs, veggie straws and yogurt melts.  She has also taken a liking to mashed potatoes with beets (they're a SUPER food don't ya know), and anything that comes off our plates when we are at a restaurant.  Although she eats it mixed with sweet potatoes or bananas everyday, Lilly still find the taste of natural applesauce a little tart and makes quite the face including full body shivers when she eats it straight up.

She continues to improve her pulling up and creeping along furniture.  And recently she has been feeling extra confidant and tests her balance by going hands free while she stands near the couch or activity table.  Probably tomorrow she will demand a blue tooth headset so she can talk on her "work phone" and be completely hands free.  She continues to break her time trial speed as she crawls through the house.  And her adventurous streak has her playing 1st floor wide games of hide and seek.  She loves to listen for our voices and find where we, she is quite accurate I must say.  Poor Mrs. Whiskers, the jungle of her collar is an open invitation for Lilly to bust-a-move in her direction.

When bug was at her 9 month appointment she measured right on her own curve, weighing it at 15.5lbs and standing at 26.8 inches ... still a long & lean eating machine.  She is still enjoying 6 months sized clothes, and sometimes she can  even squeeze into her favorite 3-6 month size outfits, although she did bust out the toe seam of a pair of pajamas that were 3-6 month size, so it looks like she is on track to be in the 6-9 month range by her birthday!