Thursday, February 9, 2012

Swim Little Fishy

We have quite the little fish in our house and finally our little fish has a weekly place to flap her fins.  Earlier this week Lilly enjoyed her first "official" swimming lesson, which was very similar to what we had been practicing at home.  However, during her 30 minutes in the pool, she was surrounded by new friends and a super friendly swim instructor.  Matt and I had a blast working with her and we were ever impressed by how much she enjoyed torpedoing under the water between us.  The pool is awesome and is extra warm and has giant cut outs of Bright Stanley and his friends hanging from the ceiling.  So of course in preparation for the class we read Bright Stanley and the Cave Monster and listened to Laurie Berkner Band "The Goldfish."  

Lilly practiced floating on her back, jumping from the side of the pool and turning to grab the side, swimming on both her back and front, blowing bubbles and going under water.  Of course there were lots of songs and lots of praise to make the lesson fun.   It was quite comical at the end of class, Lilly let out an award winning belch that had the entire pool deck staring at us.  It is hard to believe such a little thing can produce such giant bodily sounds.  Oh, Lillybug, never a dull moment with you!