Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lillian Grace: 10 Months Old

Yes, that is the face of a ten month old.  A ten month old whose favorite activity is testing boundaries and exploring on her own.  Lilly has really developed a sense of self this month and it is delightful and frustrating at the same time.  Some examples to make my point clear ... during photo shoot time, Lilly wanted to do everything but stay in one place and smile, I have 100 pictures of her rolling over, crawling, playing with her tutu, taking her flower on and off, watching out the window and standing against the wall.  Of course, when I put the camera down she does nothing but smile and laugh.  She has also learned to walk while holding on to things.  I try multiple times a day to get her to hold my hands and walk around the house, because I know she will enjoy the mobility, but the minute I take her hands, she sits down.  Just today the little stinker took four or five steps on her own from TV to couch and then later she took four more steps just out in the open, with a free fall to crawl landing.  I guess she is going to learn to walk on her own with no help from us.

And speaking of mobility Lillian still really loves to crawl and chase and go through tunnels.  One of her favorite activities is trolling around the living room, looks for balls, rounding them up in her tent and then initiating a game of chase through her play tunnel or any blanket tunnel I have made for her.  Hide and Seek is a favorite activity these days along with standing at the baby gate playing a modified game of where are you.  Some-days the game gets a little out of hand and she gets worked up about being on the other side of the gate.  But nothing a good squeeze hug and kiss can't fix.

Lilly, still melts whenever she sees her dad and I don't think Matt has had a day where he didn't receive at least 100 smiles from his gal.  Most days she will babble for his attention and when he turns to look she lights up.  And she is now really starting to recognize other familiar faces and react.  She loves when Auntie Erin visits and excitedly crawls over to see her and she is starting to understand how to interact with her Grandparents Knoll via skype.

Lilly didn't have an official trip to the Dr's this month, so her stats are unofficially based on our scale and ruler.  Weight: 16 lbs  Height:  27.2 inches.