Monday, April 2, 2012

An Almost April Shower

This past weekend Lilly and I had such a good time traveling to Concord for a Wedding Shower for Michael Horosko and his fiancee Elisa.  We extended the trip with a small stop at school to visit GiGi classroom and students then a layover at Ikea followed by a trip to the Toy House and family time with my parents.  Of course while at the shower I took no pictures because I was too busy .. eating, entertaining Lilly, watching Lilly eat, watching presents being opened and eating cake.  There was a lot of eating going on.  However, I did happen to find a few pictures on other people's facebook pages ... Thank you Katie and Kellie...

As Jackson's Mom, Kellie Puts It ... "Lilly is giving him the "hand" as in "Jackson I am done with you for now; you will need to entertain yourself and stop trying to eat my dress"  They made up with a hug and kiss after this shot.

Riveting Conversation & Yummy Food!