Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter 2012

Celebrating Easter was so different that last year.

Last year, I was Thirty-Nine weeks pregnant, dilated to three centimeters and having regular contractions all the time.  We celebrated Easter at our house and spent most of the day walking around the block and rocking in the rocking chair.

This year we also celebrated Easter at our house, but this time we enjoyed our family dinner with Lillian at the table.  Dinner with her is so delightful, she loves to interact and share her food.  And boy does she love to eat on her own.  She polished off ham, cheese, mashed potatoes and parts of a roll.  She was such a happy and full baby.  At one point during dinner, we were discussing what type of light fixture to hang in the dining room and everyone was looking up.  All of of sudden Lilly realized that everyone was looking up, so she stopped eating, looked up and then babbled about what type of light fixture she would like.  She is starting to become so observant and such a participant in conversations.

The afternoon finished up with Lilly finding eggs and opening her Easter basket.  She was thrilled with her ability to open the eggs and really enjoyed the gifts.  She even humored us by wearing some Bunny Ears for a little bit.