Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lillian Grace: 11 Months Old

 I don't even like to say it ... I almost have a One Year Old.  And it doesn't sound any better when I say that Lilly is 11 months old.  She is so grown up, where has the time gone?  For some reason I think I am stuck at about the 6 month mark ... that is what I want to respond when someone asks her age.  I want her to be 6 months old forever.  Although, I suppose I would miss all the fun things that Lilly at 11 months blesses us with.

The highlight of this past month has been her ability to give hugs and kisses on demand.  Oh, how I adore her hugs and kisses and it is particularly sweet when she shares them with other children or kitty.  My most vivid memory of this skill was about a month ago when we were in line at Hobby Lobby and she was starting to get a little restless, I was entertaining her with a ceramic bunny figurine and I ask her to kiss it, I showed her how and asked her to try and sure enough, she did it.  And the line erupted in "ohhs" and "sooo cute!"  She stole everyone's heart, including the ceramic bunny's that day.

She is continuing to master the art of walking.  She can walk with her walker, she can walk holding our hands, she can walk up to a dozen steps on her own.  It isn't going to be long before she prefers to walk as opposed to crawling.  I am looking forward to that day, but also dreading it ... it is a sure sign she is growing up.

Lillian has really become more vocal this month and has taken her babbling to a whole new level.  We are anticipating what her first "real" word will be.  There have been hints that it may be up, uh-oh or even ball ... but she is making us wait for the real answer.  Until then we delight in hearing her blow raspberries, babble a story or shriek in delight.

This month Mrs. Whiskers and Lilly have formed a new friendship as Lilly has taken to waving the kitty wand around.  Usually, Mrs. Whiskers isn't too fond of Lilly's roughness, but this new game, suits them both.  I am trying to get it on video, as it is quite a treat.

We still don't have an official appointment until after her 1st birthday so again our best guess on weight is 16.5lbs and 27.5 inches long.