Monday, May 14, 2012

Lillian Grace: 12 Months Old

This is our last update for the first whole year of Lillian’s life.  I cannot believe it, I really can’t.  I am surprised at how emotional it is to think that a whole year has gone by and how much has changed.  Matt and I were at Home Depot the other day and there was a tiny newborn in its mother arms.  Part of me really misses those days of many naps and endless snuggles, but part of me, wouldn’t trade all the fun of a one year old for that.

This month has been a ton of almost One-Year-Old fun!  April is the month of birthdays in our family so we celebrated a lot, which meant that Lilly got a lot of time with family and friends at restaurants.  She has always been such a good baby out in public and now that she loves to eat big people food, she is very content to sit in her chair and eat and talk with us.  She does have a bad habit of throwing undesirable food on the floor, but we are working on that.  For the most part, she just likes to sit and eat and she takes eating very seriously. J  And boy does she love to eat anything sweet that goes along with a birthday, yes we are the bad parents that count Banana Cream Pie as somewhat a fruit so “not so bad.”

Lilly has also really blossomed with her walking; she is fearless and almost always prefers to walk over crawling.  The exception to the rule is playing a game of tag or crawling through her tunnel into her tent.   She has tried to pick up her pace while walking, so I think it is just a matter of time before tag is a running game.  With her increased desire to walk all-the-time, we have started to make her wear soft soled shoes, up to this point we let her go barefoot and with socks most of the time.  But to protect her little feet, shoes are now a must.  It took her a few days to get used to walking in them, mostly because her feet are still very tiny and even the smallest soft soled shoes are too long.  But she has overcome the obstacle and now she is very good in her shoes.

A few days before her first birthday, Lilly really got on a kick of saying “Hi,” she says “Hi” to everyone we pass in home depot, she says ”Hi” to the cat, she says “Hi” to herself in the mirror, she says “Hi” repeatedly until you say it back.  She has also picked up the lexicon of using the word Mum-Mum to represent any and all food.  It may mean that we feed her too many Mum-Mums, or that we should buy stock in the company.  She asks politely and not so politely for Mum-Mums when she is hungry and when she wants something that we are eating.  And she gets so mad when we don’t let her have the desired Mum-Mum especially if it is all gone.  This is when we really see her little tantrums come out, when denied an animal cracker “Mum-Mum,” she can fall to her knees and put her head down and generate the saddest cry and crocodile tears.  Redirection works wonders and most of the time, just saying, “There’s the kitty!”, snaps her out of it.
Her one-year appointment went well and although she is still an itty-bitty thing she is still on her own curve and progressing on schedule.  She weighed in at 17 pounds and stands a shy under 28” tall.