Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend...Minnesota Style

We had a great Memorial Day weekend in Minnesota, filled with lots of fun and family.  Here is a glimpse into our fun getaway.

Lilly did a good job riding in the car, considering it was a 10 hour drive, she was up the entire night before teething and she had a fever.  Matt and I took turns driving and entertaining Lilly and we even stopped to let her snack on some "extra special" French Fry treats.  While Matt and I indulged in trough size caffeinated beverages.

We were very excited to finally take Lilly to meet Great Grandma and Grandpa Knoll.  We had tried to make the trip at Thanksgiving but viruses got in the way.  It was a delight to see them, Lilly loved all the birds they had outside their house and she spent the entire time running around to the different doors and windows pointing to and saying "Bird!"

On the way home from visiting Great Grandma and Grandpa Knoll, we stopped to stretch our legs at Cabella's.  Matt and I had some heated competition in the shooting gallery and it looked like so much fun Lilly had to join us.  After seeing her score, I am pretty tempted to sit her in our backyard on squirrel patrol this Summer.
Surprise, surprise, Matt and I couldn't resit one gratuitous perspective shot.  Unfortunately I only had my iPhone with me and it never takes great pictures of a wily little girl.  But you can image how great this would have been with my real camera.  Lilly even gave it her best performance with a roar!

We are ecstatic once again the the Tigers and Twins chose a holiday weekend to play each other, it works out great for our social calender.  This year we were treated to amazingly close seats and access to a special "Third Base Club."  The day, although on most accounts wasn't a great day for baseball, actually worked well for us.  It was a little cool and there were bursts of rain, but it was so much better than sitting in 90 degree weather and fighting to keep Lilly cool and covered in sunblock.  We did get the best benefit of the "Third Base Club," as we were almost ready to return to our seats after a diaper check only to be passed by the grounds crew, so we turned right around and enjoyed in the rain delay in luxury.

I didn't do a great job with pictures for the rest of the weekend, mostly because Lilly is now able to run, which means she is more than a handful.  But Matt and I enjoyed some dinners out, we spent Sunday with the Allar side of the family eating, playing and enjoying Lake Minnetonka and we had fun celebrating Lilly's belated birthday.