Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lillian Grace: 14 Months Old

Fourteen Months

"We can all dance" he said, "If we find the music that we love."
~ Giraffes Can't Dance by Giles Andreae

Weight:   17.8oz

Height:   28”

Wearing: Size Nine Months, But Twelve Months For Length

Motor Milestones: Kisses for everyone, blowing kisses that is.  Lilly throws the best kisses and she is more than happy to throw them multiple times to multiple people.  You have to watch intently though, she is "Super-Fast" with her kisses and she has tossed one your way before you know it.  Lilly has also started to learn some rhythm, it looks like she might take after her daddy, so I have already looked for baby dance classes. :)

Language Milestones: Trading objects for words has really helped expand Lilly's word bank, she now confidently uses Ba-Ba, Daddy, Kitty, Mum-Mum, Hi, Bird, Up, Out, Ball and there are a few other words that may or may not be legit like help, dog, Bun-Bun and I DO IT!  We have also noticed that she gets shy around new people and will stop using her words all together.

·         Lots of playtime with friends, which has helped to encourage conversation and sharing.
·         Enjoyed several days down at the pool in Concord.
·         Ate her weight in chocolate ice cream, lemon custard ice cream , vanilla ice cream and red raspberry slush .. thank you Tasty Treat...

Favorites:  Strawberry banana yogurt with cereal, blowing kisses, walking outside, feeding the outdoor fish at GiGi & PaPa's, swimming in the big pool, busting some serious moves on the dance floor, blowing bubbles in the water and climbing on chairs.

 Video Clips Of The Month: