Monday, July 23, 2012

There Are Countless Ways We Can Spend Our Summer

I have to laugh each time I hear the Pure Michigan radio ad featuring Jackson, Tim Allen does a great job making the area sound more picturesque than what I seem to remember.  But with that being said, his enthusiasm for the Hot Air Jubilee is right on the mark.  

Lilly absolutely loved the jubilee this year, she was memorized by the colors of the balloons, the sounds of the roaring burners and the smells of elephant ears and Fiske Fries.  For a solid hour she could not stop pointing, ooooohhhhh-ing and ahhhhhhhhh-ing, and yelling Ball (she can't quite say Balloon yet)! It was such a delight to see how excited she was.  After her eyes glazed over from the activities, we headed out and briefly stopped by "the farm" to get up close and personal with Princess and Chicco.  Surprisingly, although Lillian LOVES animals, she was a little taken aback with the size and stature of the horses.  When the horses started their slow saunter over to the fence, Lilly was all smiles and points, but as they snuggled her, she immediately felt the gravity of their size and leaned in to me for some moral support.  It is interesting to see her develop and understanding outside her little egocentric world.

Of course we couldn't visit Concord/Jackson without hours in the pool, our little fish was in her fishy heaven swimming with her Papa and GiGi and Auntie Erin and Uncle Jake.  She gets so excited to jump in and go underwater we can't even make it to 3 in our "I'm A Little Froggie" song... by the time I get to " I Jump In On 1 ...." she is already in the water.  What a little daredevil we have, I will have to look around to see if they offer diving lessons for one year olds!