Monday, August 20, 2012

A Day At The Zoo

It was an absolutely perfect weekend to visit John Ball Park Zoo.  The weather was nice and cool and surprisingly, although the parking lot seemed packed, there was plenty of room to enjoy all the animals. 

Checking Out The Wallabies
They were extra interested in Lilly and I, they must have thought we were one of them.
Family Self-Portrait Near The BIG Kitty
We told Lilly to give kisses, since that usually ends with a smile, but we captured her kiss in a semi-pucker stage.
Feeding The Birds
Lilly was very interested to see the birds close up.
But she was a little unsure and possibly grossed out when she got a bird really up close.
All Kinds Of Giggles & Smiles
Lilly's favorite type of smile right now, is to squint her eyes and give a very silly grin.
Giant Fish Tank Viewing
Lilly adores fish or fffffff as she calls them.  She took full advantage of the over our head tank to really get a good look at them.  We might have another diver in our family.  How cute would she be in a little wet suit.