Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lillian Grace: 15 Months Old

Fifteen Months

"We're having fun, dancing our dance in the cool of the pool!`"
~ Down By The Cool Of The Pool by Tony Mitton

Weight:   18.25oz

Height:   30”

Wearing: Size Twelve Month, Size 3 Shoe

Motor Milestones: Not that Lilly pays attention to the Olympics, but she is starting to replicate the diving and gymnastics events.  She loves to jump into the pool and doesn't mind if she goes in forwards, sideways or backwards.  In fact, it appears she prefers to go in backwards after she bounces off the side of her inflatable pool.  In the big pool, I am a bully and make her go in forwards, to be safe.  She also loves to dance on the coffee table, after climbing up on top of it and stand on the window ledges.  We have very large, almost to the ground windows that seem just perfect for walking and standing.  I am close to a heart attack at least ten times a day ... thanks Lilly!

Language Milestones: Last month some of the words that may not have been legit are fully functional this month ... Dog morphed into Pup Pup and Bun Bun is the go to for the bunnies.  Although we thought she was saying I do it!, we have now figured out she is saying I did it and accompanies it with her arms up in celebration.  She uses this frequently when completing a piece in one of her puzzles.  A handful of animals have noises now, but the cow still says Boooooo and Bun-Bun says hop.  Several people have actual names like Dada, Papa and GiGi, but the stinker still won't call me Mama to my face - she only uses it behind my back.  She can proficiently use both Hi and Bye .. but where last month she was happy to say them on demand to whomever we asked her to, now she chooses free-will and says them only when she wants to.  Which although appropriate are most bizarre.  Bye (said with a southern drawl) is always said when she is so over something it is not funny ... for example a diaper change, time out, her bedroom after a nap, etc..

·         Likes to sing Twinkle Little Star, she chimes in with Up at the appropriate time and then dances and shakes her rattles for the remainder of the song.
·         Lots of pool time .. this Fish or as Lilly calls it Fffffffff ... loves to be in the water.
·         Is finally starting to wear her sunglasses the majority of the time and at least will wear her hat the rest of the time.

Favorites:  Salami & Cheese, perfect textured foods (it is hard to tell what that texture may be at that meal, but she knows), spending time with her Dada and Papa (both which spoil her a ton), kittys of all kinds (real or fake .. she loves them), feeding her stuffed animals, making her stuffed animals burp (bup), singing and dancing to music.

 Video Clips Of The Month: