Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Fair Lady

On paper this was the perfect year to take Lillian Grace to the fair ... she knows all the fair animal sounds, she loves to watch people, she has an attention span for the small fairgrounds and she loves crunchy foods... what we didn't account for was the hardest rain we have had since April.  But we braved the rain, put up our umbrellas, threw on hats and navigated strategically from barn to barn ... and it ended up being a fun day.

Lilly especially liked the animals and enjoyed "talking" to them, it is hard to say, but I think her favorites were the Rabbits, Cows, Horse and Ducks.  She really appreciated that she was at their height in the Bjorn and I liked that the wheels of her stroller were not rolling through poop water.  It is fun to give this little city girl a taste of the country, true she may never have a week long fair pass or barn duty, but at least she can enjoy the sights and smells one day a year.

The rain had most rides and some food booths inactive, so I missed out on the Boy Scout burgers and Fiske Fries, but we did indulge in a corn dog and elephant ear, which Lilly gave 2 cinnamon covered thumbs up.  We ended the outing with a trip to the birthing barn, where the 4-H'ers' where more than happy to let Lilly get up close and personal with a Lamb and Piglet.  Lilly was less than enthused, far more curious and scientific about the whole thing.. pretty sure she was having an internal dialogue about the classification of the species.  That's our observant gal.  She did break down and pet both babies with a finger and even examined the markings on the piglet's ear.