Monday, August 27, 2012

The Big ...Pool

The past Saturday was HOT, so at the spur of the moment we packed up the car and headed to the beach.  Being close to Lake Michigan is one of my favorite things about living in Grand Rapids.  And from May through September we have a packed beach bag in the car, just in case.  Knowing that the forecast was perfect for the beach on Saturday, we were prepared to park far away and sit way back from the water, but we were pleasantly surprised when we got to the beach a little before 10 and there were still plenty of parking spots and our pick of locations right on the water.

Lilly didn't quite get the distinction between the Big Lake and a Pool, so to her we spent the day at the Big Pool.  She was full of energy and flitted between playing in the sand, running after birds, trying to chat with every passer-by and jumping in the waves.  With some practice she got pretty good at tossing the ball back and forth while in the water.

We were placing bets on how the day would go for our little fish, on one hand she loves her naps, but prefers them in a somewhat quiet and cool location ... and on the other hand, she loves to go, go, go; especially when there are lots of people and activities around.  I figured she wouldn't nap and we would have to get in the car for her to fall asleep and Matt thought she might fall asleep on the chair under the umbrella... and he was right.  She was so exhausted from all her socialization and water play that around Noon she snuggled up with me on the chair and fell fast asleep for an almost 2 hour nap.

Nap time for Lilly meant Matt and I got a nice chance to talk and get caught up from the last 2 months of him working extra long days and weekends.  And we even got the chance to each take our own cat nap.

The end to the perfect day was a walk down the channel, where we got to see and hear a freighter pass by and enjoy dinner at Snug Harbor.