Monday, September 17, 2012

Dance, dance, just, j-j-just dance

We had a very eventful week that started when our water heater exploded on Wednesday night.  The immediate drama of getting everything cleaned up and off the floor of the basement was followed by several long days of replacing it.  We had purchased a fabulous tank-less water heater over a year ago, but had not yet installed it.  So Matt holed himself in the basement for several days, rerouting copper pipe, exhausting vents and making the whole system better.  It wasn't a very fun few days, but when it was all installed we got to get out as a family and visit the Sparta Harvest Fest.

We wouldn't usually find ourselves in Sparta, but one of Matt's old co-workers is in a band that was playing at the event.  This is the same band (The Lazy Blue Tunas) that we have seen live on many occasions, including our wedding reception.   Lilly loved listening to the music and their unique style of high energy music was perfect for her to dance.