Monday, September 10, 2012

Going To The Lodge ...

Over Labor Day weekend we took a quick family vacation to Traverse City.  We had hoped that we would be able to carve out a full week of vacation, resting and relaxing on the ocean somewhere, but this summer…time just didn’t permit it.  Hopefully, next summer it will.

But we still had a great time, even if it was too short.  We stayed for two nights at the Great Wolf Lodge; it was a pretty spur of the moment decision prompted by a half-off voucher special.  At first I was a little worried that it wouldn’t be very fun for Lilly since she is too small to ride any of the slides or do many of the other activities, but the baby areas were lots of fun for her and just the right depth.  The inside area was perfect for her to go under, practice her bubbles and run and splash, while outside was great for water sliding and dancing/drinking the fountains.  She also adored the lazy river and took one entire nap on Papa’s chest while floating.  We made a special effort to take her to the animated animal show in the lobby, but Lilly was less than thrilled with it.  I think she was disappointed they weren’t real.  However, she did enjoy all the “real” taxidermy animals hanging on the walls, she got to practice lots of animals sounds over the weekend.
While we were in town we also got to enjoy dinners out, miniature golf, laying in the sun and catching up with each other.  Matt and I enjoyed a little extra relaxation as we were surrounded by Lilly’s regular babysitters GiGi & Papa and Auntie Erin & Uncle Jake, who were all more than happy to take her away.  I totally forgot to get all the great pictures we have of the weekend off my mom’s camera, so you will have to enjoy the few I had on my phone.