Monday, October 1, 2012

Lillian Grace: 17 Months Old

Seventeen Months

"With thanks I say a pumpkin prayer, under an autumn sky.  For crunch, crunch, crunch beneath my feet and leaves piled up high!"
~ A Pumpkin Prayer by Amy Parker

Weight:   19.5lbs

Height:   31”

Wearing: Size Twelve Month, Size 4 Shoe

Motor Milestones: Lilly doesn't even surprise us any more when we walk in a room and find her on top of something.  She has a love for climbing, really she has a love for anything large motor .. running, twirling, swinging, sliding, etc..  On a more useful note, she has started to master forks and spoons, and now prefers to eat most things with them.  Meals take so much longer now and are far less clean, but in the end she is a happy girl.

Language Milestones: Lilly keeps increasing her vocabulary and has started to use the word NO.  We had avoided using it all Summer, instead using words like Danger, We Don't Do That, etc..  and it looked like she wasn't going to catch on to its use.  But a few weeks in to 2 days a week as school and she now, loves to say Noooo.  Uggh.  We have been working on when it is appropriate to use and when it is unacceptable.  I am sure this is a lesson that will take 2 more years to fully master.  If anything good has come from the word, it is that she can use her words to tell her "friends" no.  Most kids in her class use actions instead.  We have had a Kitty family living in our shrubs, which our neighbor is trying to catch and take to be fixed and find homes, Lilly loves to look at the kittens from the window and has been learning to call the kitties ... what should be "Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty"... comes out Kit, Kit, Kitty. 

·         Got her first molar and for the first time was a drooling fool.  
·         Can "read" a few books to us.
·         Went back to school 2 days a week. 
·         Got bit at school for the first time, it didn't break the skin.

Favorites:  Green Olives, Talking on The Phone, Dancing To Music, Music Class, Twirling To The Music, Taking Care of Her Babies or Animals ... rocking them, feeding them, patting them on the back....

 Video Clips Of The Month: