Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bringing The Outdoors In

It is no secret, I dislike Winter.  I remember wishing that there would be too much snow or it would be too cold and we would have indoor recess in school.  I volunteered to work in the library putting away books and reading to the Kindergarten classes all to get out of going out for Winter recess.  I have never loved Winter sports and I dread leaving my nice warm house on cold snowy days.

Matt on the other hand loves Winter, it must be the Nordic in him.  He skis, he skates, he plays hockey, he sleds, he likes to take Lilly out for walks in the snow, etc...  Well, this Winter we came to a compromise.  We both feel that she needs "outdoor" time everyday and that she needs to enjoy physical activity and all the good things that come with it.  So on the days Matt has time, Lilly will go outside to play.  On the days I have time, Lilly and I will be playing in our newly converted "indoor" play-world.  

For Christmas Santa brought Lillian a climber/slide that she adores, so we rearranged the sun porch, put down some rubber floor tiles, added her swing and her ride on toys and we are all set.  Now, we can watch the snow fall, while enjoying some physical activities in the warmth of our Eden Pure heater.  We hope to add her art supplies and a sand table out there as well to complete "Lillian's World."