Friday, December 28, 2012

Lillian Grace: 20 Months

Twenty Months

"Mama, Little Bear asked one night.  Who 'vented Christmas?  Was it Santa?  No, Mama Bear said.  God invented Christmas.  God gave us Christmas."
~ God Gave Us Christmas by Lisa Tawn Bergren

Weight:   23lbs

Height:   32”

Wearing: Size Eighteen Month ... she has VERY long legs, Size 5 Shoe

Motor Milestones: We have been working on a lot of fine motor skills this month and some days I am sure she will be left handed and other days I am not so sure.  Maybe she will have a specific hand for specific tasks.  Right now, using stickers and coloring and some of her favorite things to do and both she switches between hands.  Lillian has also taken to jumping this month, it is a pretty funny sight to see, in her head when she raises her arms and throws her body upwards her feet leave the ground at least 18 inches.  In reality, they leave the ground a few centimeters, but I am sure with a little more practice she will be jumping like pro in no time.  She also loves to crawl like a bear, hop or squat like a frog and march.

LanguageMilestones: It is almost like I have a miniature adult to talk to all day.  Lilly has just blossomed with her sentences and although we haven't gotten to discuss Plato, we can discuss Play-dough.  Being able to have discourse has made things so much easier for me, I really appreciate that she can express her needs and I can respond.  It has also been very interesting to see her start to learn more and more about emotions, she is always Happy, but when she express Sad, it is a sight to see.  She has a fantastic Woe is me act, including covering her eyes, just enough so she can see if you are watching her, and a squeaky voice to answer questions with.  When asked, if she is sad, usually her response ... "Just A Little."  She has also taken to telling everyone what to do... "Sit here," Wear this," Go there."  And she likes to run through her list of where people are ... Aunnie at Home, Jake at Home, Papa at Hardware, GiGi at School, Daddy at Work,  Momma at Home, Grandma in Sota, Grandpa in Sota.  We haven't learned times of day yet, so her placement of people has no bearing on their employment status.

·         Made homemade play-dough for the first time and loved it!
·         Loved Christmas and especially loved yelling Ho,Ho, Ho!
·         Is becoming a Snow Bunny.

Favorites: Coloring and using stickers, playing in the sandbox, putting together Mr. Tato Head, telling people what to do, sliding & swinging indoors, adventuring through the snow & riding in her "seat" to go on trips, especially to the Happy Store (Target.)

 Video Clips Of The Month: