Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Just An Average Winter's Day

It has been such a mild Winter here in Grand Rapids.  By now we should be using the roof rake, but alas, I am not going to complain.  Even without the snow, we have embraced all the warm and fun things about snuggling in for a long Winter.

Recently we installed a enclosed glass fireplace to replace our old open gas log version, we have been enjoying just hitting the remote and feeling the heat.  Lilly has taken to saying BOOM when the flame sparks on.  Unfortunately, she wants to do it again and again, which is not advised by the manufacture.  But it has become her favorite spot to spend the evenings reading books.

We also made our first batch of homemade play dough, it is my favorite recipe from my childhood and I remember making it often with my mom.  The recipe creates a perfect match for real play dough and is perfectly safe to eat, even in large doses.  Lilly of course had to try it out, but it was way too salty for her taste.  Good thing we didn't make the peanut butter version, she would have just thought it was a treat.

We have been filling the rest of our days playing with our musical instruments, dancing, coloring, playing with stickers, doing puzzles, playing on the porch, etc..  and when we are exhausted from all the fun we both settle down for a long Winter's nap!