Monday, January 28, 2013

Lillian Grace: 21 Months

Twenty-One Months

"On a sunlit night, ‘neath a snowy moon, there was ONE on the sled, then TWO, but soon……."
~ Ten On The Sled by Kim Norman

Weight:   23lbs

Height:   32”

Wearing: Size Eighteen - Twenty Four Months ... she has VERY long legs, Size 5 Shoe

Motor Milestones: Well her motor skills have turned Lillian into a little bit of a sassy gal.  When she is moving and shaking and her friends are not going as fast, she often just passes them and says "MOVES."  Yikes ... there are going to be a lot of timeouts in her future for this behavior.  She has also received a predestined place on the playground "curb" or time out space for her misuse of the slide.  She has no fear, she goes down forwards, backwards, sideways, while standing, she even tried to ride Rody down the slide the other day.

LanguageMilestones: It is so much fun to listen to Lilly talk, especially to other little ones.  What used to be babble that only the babies could understand, now are short sentences that not only they understand, but I do too.  It is just amazing how quickly things change.  Lilly loves to name things and repeat new words.  While walking into Meijer on Friday night, Matt asked Lilly what a car says ... She replied "Beep, Beep."  Then he asked her what Lilly says ... She replied "Hey, You."  What?  Where does she get that?   I don't think Matt or I have ever used that phrase in front of her.  She also said "Hi, Young Man" to an employee that was stocking shelves.. he didn't reply back and she was heart broken.  Good thing she had her free cookie to lift her spirits.

·         Enjoyed using her sled for the first time this season.
·         Has learned how to Facetime Aunnie, all on her own.  I have to be careful to keep my recent call list to only family.  Who knows who she might end up calling.
·         Is starting to learn how to use the computer mouse with purpose.

Favorites: Dancing to "Whoop There It Is" (don't even ask), playing face-up Memory/Match, practicing "starfish" floating on her back in the bath, looking at her calendar of events and watching out the window for the trash truck/mail truck/plow truck.

 Video Clips Of The Month: