Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Burrr ... It is cold outside!

We like to call the cold weather we are experiencing, "Minnesota Cold" at our house.  Matt always reminds me that Michigan is balmy in the Winter compared to Minnesota, but this this week he agrees, it is cold.  I am happy that we can stay in and stay warm and use our new fancy fireplace insert.

Lilly has been working on her canine teeth, so she has been less active than usual, and I have adored that she has been wanting to curl up and read books, do puzzles and watch Elmo.  I do miss those early days when we got to snuggle all day long, so this has been a nice treat.  She does have little bouts of energy after a does of pain killer.  In the video clip you can see we are listening to music, but she doesn't think it is loud enough, so like the big girl she is, she turns on the stereo, turns it up, nods her head in pride and then continues to go into a dancing and singing fit.

We are looking forward to a fun play date with our friends Shandi and Ms. Teresa on Friday, like always I am sure the girls will get into all kinds of rambunctious fun.