Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fabulous February

We have been making the best of this SNOWY winter.  Before Christmas everyone wished for snow, now everyone is wishing it would just take a break.  To stay warm, entertained and enjoy family we have sticking pretty close to home and inventing lots of fun and silly things to do.

Aunnie's Birthday got postponed for a weekend due to bad roads, so when we finally got to celebrate Lillian Grace, was more than ready to help Aunnie open her presents.
Lilly got a new Fairy outfit from GiGi and Papa for an early Valentine's present, so she has been twirling around the house non-stop.

Lilly has enjoyed lots of outdoor time with Daddy, he does the best job pulling the sled.

Family game morning, afternoons and evenings include face-up memory, jenga style blocks, flash card hide and seek and find the music.  Matt and I are looking forward to the day we can play family style settlers of America: trails to rails.