Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lillian Grace: 23 Months

Twenty-Three Months

"Peter Didn't Stop Running Until He Got Home.  He Was Very Tired So Mrs. Rabbit Gave Him A Tablespoon Of Chamomile Tea And Sent Him To Bed.
~ The Tale Of Peter Rabbit  By Beatrix Potter

Weight:   24.5 lbs

Height:   33”

Wearing: Size Eighteen - Twenty Four Months ... she has VERY long legs, Size 5 Shoe

Motor Milestones: We have gotten our fish back in the water for lessons and she is loving every minute of it.  She has now learned to crawl up onto the pool deck on her own, which has left her shins full of bruises and every lesson she is swimming under water, farther and farther from the side.  She loves to blow bubbles in the water and float as a starfish looking up at the fish hanging from the ceiling.  And there is no mistaking she is in the pool when we sing Wheels On The Bus and she sings and YELLS along and then giggles with excitement and we swim through the motions.  We are looking forward to the Summer and letting her growing even more in her swimming skills.

LanguageMilestones: Nothing extraordinary has changed with Lilly's language skills this month, she still is a talker and about 90% of the time she uses her words over tears or signs.  We do have the occasional meltdown over who the iphone belongs to or who can take pictures with the camera, but on an ordinary day we get along pretty well.  We continue to see her get shy in public and at school she has her favorite friends she prefers to talk to.  She still enjoys talking on the phone for brief 2 minute conversations, but she is asking to make calls more and more often.  She loves to talk and sing when she is going down or waking up from her nap and she is constantly entertaining herself and us with her talk in the car.  Some days she busts out this Jazzy Scat thing and it has all of us laughing.

·         Starting swimming lessons for this season and still loves the water.
·         Spent time with Blake and Drew and with her new friend Baby To Be Tomasoski.
·         Was extremely empathetic when there was sadness surrounding the death of Papa Jim.
·         Has started to visit the next level room at school.
·         Spent a day in the sun and fresh spring air ... it has been a long time coming.

Favorites: Swimming in the pool or bathtub, doing everything on her own, using the big girl potty, reading new books and pizza (she wants pizza for every meal, she even uses her phone to order pizza!)

 Video Clips Of The Month: