Monday, June 10, 2013

School's Out For The Summer ...

School's Out Forever .... Well At Least It Is For My Mom ...

Lillian Grace And GiGi In GiGi's Classroom

Lilly and I decided to surprise my mom on her last day of teaching.  It was a fun adventure for the two of us.  We got up early, packed up the car with flowers and snacks and we hit the road.  We made it to Concord just in time to SURPRISE my mom before things got hectic.

When we were walking past the office, I noticed my mom sitting at a table doing some paperwork, so we tiptoed around the corner and I sent Lilly in unattended, she REALLY SURPRISED her GiGi.  There were tears and everything.  Matt had picked out a beautiful flower arrangement for us to deliver and it completed the surprise.

For the rest of the morning, Lilly enjoyed walking from classroom to classroom to help GiGi say goodbye, we even got to participate in the last day of school ice cream treat with all the students.  Not surprisingly, Lilly did way better with her wooden stick/spoon than I did.  Nothing can stop her from Ice Cream, not even splinters in her tongue. 
Enjoying A Special Ice Cream Treat

After all the kids had left, my mom and I did what we usually do at the end of every school year.  We cleaned her room.  Thinking back, there are very few years that I wasn't able to help her.  Even as I moved away and started a career and family of my own, the last day of school was always a day to talk, clean and celebrate the start of vacation!

"Helping"  Lilly Wanted To Take Down The Bulletin Board SO Bad!
The whole day made for a great way to end a great career.  I know that my mom will be truly missed at Concord schools, but I am looking forward to all the time that we can spend together as a family.