Monday, August 12, 2013

Fair Is A Place Where You Get Cotton Candy

There are vast differences growing up in metro-Minneapolis and rural Concord.  Matt and I have a great time explaining traditions and re-creating them for each other.  There is one thing that both city or country can claim alone and that is the Old Fashioned Fair.

I, of course, grew up attending the Jackson County Fair.  That special week in August when the best of Jackson shines bright and a strange mingling of city and country takes place.   Where your stomach grows two times so that you can ingest fresh made ice cream, Fiske Fries, Boy Scout Burgers, Elephant Ears and Blue Cotton Candy, all while listening to Benny Poole.

Matt grew up attending the Minnesota state fair, which among other things is famous for “things on a stick.”  You like walleye?  It comes on a stick.  Deep fried snickers?  It comes on a stick.  It is also the showcase for the grand champions from across the state.

We have tried to keep up the late-Summer tradition in our family.  Last year we took Lillian Grace to the Jackson County Fair.  She was amused by the animals, but not by the pouring rain we endured the entire time we visited.

This year, we ventured to the Kent County Youth Fair.  It really was delightful.  It is MUCH, MUCH smaller that both fairs Matt and I are used to.  Imagine only 10 food vendors, 1 barn of cows, no grandstand and only a handful of the city’s best and brightest.   I imagine this is what county fairs used to be like, prior to the addition of the rides and big name superstars.  I do confess I did miss the spectacle of the usual fair experience.  But it was a perfect fair for children.  There were lots of 4-H kiddos who were more than happy to keep the barns clean, tend to their animals and allow Lilly to pet their animal while telling us all about themselves.  I think in the future we will plan to attend the Youth Fair again, unless I get a jonesing for nostalgia.

In related events, they have been running a lot of milk commercials lately and Lilly and I particularly likes the one where the cow is in the shower.  The whole time we were in the cow barn and a few of them were getting clean, Lilly referenced the commercial.  Wondering why they weren’t in a shower.  Funny!