Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lillian Grace: 27 Months

Twenty-Seven Months

"Good morning , waves and sand.  Good morning, salt air and big sky and bright sun."
~ Good Night Beach  By Adam Gamble

Weight:   26 lbs

Height:   35”

Wearing: Twenty Four Months, Size 5 Shoe

Motor Milestones: Jump, Jump, Jump Around ... Get Up and Get Down.  She can finally hop with both feet at the same time.  Our little motor maniac has passed milestones with leaps and bounds, but she couldn't figure out how to hop.  Finally, this month, she got it.  It started at Aunnie & Jake's house, while my mom and I were cleaning, Lilly was trying so hard to jump over the threshold.  While nobody was watching, she was entertaining herself to no end, GiGi caught her mid-jump and she bashfully stopped.  She must have gotten enough confidence from that trial that she has been practicing all month and can now hop like a bunny, frog or any other jumping animal.

LanguageMilestones: She has been a little Mariah since she started to make sounds.  Now she can belt out songs with the best of them.  She has a special singing voice that he much louder than normal and some times she even has a special singing dance.  Her favorites right now, the whole ABCs including "ELMO" (l-m-n-o), the itsy bitsy spider and many songs that she makes up, which are mashups of various "real" songs.  It is pretty funny to hear her sing in the backseat and correct ME, when I sing along "went up the water spout",  silly momma, "climbed up the water spout."

·         Visited Shandi at her beautiful Lake House
·         Took her first ride on a Merry-Go-Round and of course rode the Kitty Cat
·         Visited Turkeyville for the first time 
·         Made a Dump and Go truck with Daddy at Home Depot

Favorites: hummas, peanut butter ... anything sticky she can scoop with a spoon, having "oh, so pretty toes," borrowing mama's bracelets, playing tag, hide and go seek and ring around the rosey, and going on special trips (even if it is just to get groceries.)

 Video Clips Of The Month: