Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Who Can Do It? We Can Do It!

Remember Bob the builder ... I don't know what happened to him.  But I do know Matt the builder.  And he had a fun time this past weekend, making a perfect place for Lilly's Playground.

We started the planning a few weeks ago, Lilly helped us spray the perimeter of the new playground.  There was plenty of room to tuck it away in the corner of our lot.  But we or maybe it was just I, thought we could make the space even better.  So we started to expand the plan.  We we started to think that we should move the rock border back a few feet.  That seemed easy enough, until we dug the first rock out to find that it was HUGE.  The original owners of the house did not skimp on quality field stone when they landscaped the yard.  At that point we decided that we were going to need some heavy equipment to move the rocks, which led to the idea of clearing a lot of small trees and bushes out from behind the rocks.  And that led to planning to clear out a lot more trees and bushes out of an area that will make a nice grassy play space.

 Fast forward a few weekends and we ended up with a day that looked like this....

Builder Matt was on this "machine" as Lilly called it for an entire day.  But in the end, he moved two dozen boulders, leveled out the play area, took out the "pitcher's mound," and created a new parking area next to our driveway.  Not to shabby for a days work.  And far more efficient that manual labor.  

Now we have a project that looks something like this.  You can see the original rock border had pretty curves in it, that at one time probably featured some beautiful flowering trees.  Unfortunately, thanks to the last homeowners, nothing was left of the original beauty, just a sweeping rock border with lots of Buck Thorn.  The trees have been removed and the border pushed back a good 10-15 feet.

 Next up on the project list, is to clear up the remaining brush and chip it into some mulch.  Nothing like owning your own chipper/shredder ... we will have "free" mulch for years to come.  We also need to grade the grassy play area and put down grass.  We have been sourcing out rubber ground cover for under the play structure and haven't decided if that is the way to go.  The park by our house has it and there are definitely pros and cons.  I wish I could figure out how to get the cool rubber floor that Frog Hollow park has.  That seems to be the perfect solution.  Lilly is getting so excited and talks daily about her "new playground," I wish she could understand the concept of time .... since this playground still has a long, long way to go before competition.