Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Falling Slowly

This past weekend, we fell slowly into Fall.  It was the first weekend, that was mostly rainy and cool and that really felt like Fall.  It was sad and exciting at the same time.

This little guy made it all the way from the pond, through our garage and into our basement.  He was A HUGE surprise when we found him.  Like Matt said several times, a baby turtle is about the only acceptable animal to be found in the basement.  Anything else would have me on the phone with some Agency.
It may look like Matt was ready for Halloween, but alas, he was prepping to install some insulation in the garage.  We thought Lilly might been a little scared of his alter-ego.  Nope, not bug, she just laughed and him.
Ava visited for craft time and helped Lilly paint a cute little pumpkin.  Ava picked the pumpkin out all on her own and set up the craft time for just her and Lilly.  It was really sweet.
It took two days for the finger paint to dry, but finally Lilly was able to admire her collaborative work of pumpkin art.
This is her ... "Seriously, you are going to take a picture" look.  It about sums her up.