Monday, October 28, 2013

Lillian Grace: 30 Months

Thirty Months

"MOM, cried Splat.  There's a scary spider on my jack-o-lantern!"
~ Scaredy Cat Splat By Rob Scotton

Weight:   26 lbs

Height:   35”

Wearing: 2T, Size  6 Shoe

Motor Milestones:  This week Lilly gets back in the pool, but this time around it is just going to be her, a classmate and her teacher.  I am very interested to see how this goes, her previous teacher thinks she is more than ready, but it makes me remember back to her first lessons, when she was only 6 months old.  Time sure does go by so fast.

Language Milestones: Funny, Funny things have been coming out of her mouth lately.  We had to eat a fast lunch while driving to get a flu shot the other day and I didn't order any sauce with her Chicken.  From the back I hear.. "What's This, Where's My Dip Sauce."  She then proceeded to close the box and pass it back to me.  Oh, boy.  She is convinced that you get Peanut Butter and Crackers in the song "Take Me Out To The Ball Game."  She has logically reasoned that when it is dark out it is time for bed ... which gives her the go ahead to head upstairs on her own and get her PJs out of the drawer.  She likes to then call to you through the monitor to come join her.  This is a trend that we rather enjoy ... so, we may get blackout shades for the whole house.  She introduces herself to EVERYONE ... Hi, I Lillian Grace Knoll, I 2, I live in Grand Rapids, on Halloween.. (she means Oak Hollow Street .. close enough, I don't know if I want strangers looking for us.)

·        Went to GVSU Allendale campus to help me with the Laker Experience Day, she loved visiting Diane, but wasn't so sure about Louie The Laker.
·         Identifies way to many logos .. Old Mcdonalds, Cracker Barrel, The Happy Store (Target), The Hardware, etc
·         Loves to look for letters, she particularly likes playing in the car and watches the radio that displays Artist and Song Title for letters.  L, M, O & D are her favorite.
·         Is very good with directions, she can direct us how to get to her school, to our house, to Aunnie & Jakes house and she can direct us from the Hardware to GiGi & Papas house.  She is a big backseat driver and tells us when to stop and go at lights and signs and is especially contentious reminding drivers not to hit the mailbox, neighbors, ground hog, etc..

Favorites: Playing with her babies (they are so colicky, I would go crazy) she has to rock them and feed them and they are always crying, Pancakes & Bacon (she is always aching for some bacon, yup, yup, yup), Little Mermaid, and playing hide and seek.

 Video Clips Of The Month: