Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A GRAND Game of Volleyball

The GRAND Tour ... If you live in West Michigan you will know exactly what that means, as it was the official advertising campaign for Grand Valley for about 3 years.

We did take the unofficial GRAND tour last week when my parents came up to visit.  This is actually the first time any of them have been in the NEW Seidman College of Business, so I got to play Tour Guide Barbie.

Lilly, practiced her Process Design and Re-Engineering lecture in the lab, and then showed us how to "WORK" in my office.  She was a little too much like me, it was scary, eating Pringles, reclining in the chair and using her dainty finger to every so gently grade things.  She also got a chance to see the great views of downtown and the river for windows in the labs.

After we toured the downtown campus we headed out to the main campus in Allendale to watch Andrea Brigham and the SVSU Volleyball team take on the Lakers.  It was a really fun time, Lilly loved the excitement and had been in anticipation of the Pep Band, Popcorn, Cotton Candy and "I Play Volleyball" since the beginning of the week.  I had been trying to teach her the fight song, but alas, she wasn't into it.  But she did like to yell ... "We Need More Power" when people started to stop the bleachers.  It was a little cheer she came up with on her own, thanks to "The Little Einestines."

It wasn't the largest crowd but it was nice to have our own cheering section with Anne & Tom, Jacob, GiGi & Papa, Uncle Mark & Dino and Aunt Marie.  Lilly was so intrigued with Andrea and had lots of questions for her after the game, most had to do with thirst ... "You, thirsty?" "You, have water bottle like mine?" "You, want more?"