Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Boo .... I Scare You?

Happy Halloween! Lillian had a very busy Halloween, even though it was pretty cool and rainy out.  But, that seems to be the typical Halloween on this side of the state.  At least is wasn't snow.

Lilly's party at school was complete and utter chaos, but I suppose that is to be expected with a preschool room of 2 year-olds. Lilly wore a cute Halloween outfit and one of her teachers fashioned her a hat to coordinate.

Like always, Lilly was thrilled to have mail and sat down on the step to read her letters from Namma.
At home we split the evening with passing out candy to our neighbors and trick-or-treating as a Rainbow Fish.  Matt and Lilly went and the report was she was extremely shy for the first few houses, but got the hang out it, by the time she made it around the circle.  This is her first official time trick-or-treating and now she talks about it all the time.  As she was falling asleep she told GiGi ... Halloween was her most favorite day of the year.  We will see if that changes at Christmas!