Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lillian Grace: 31 Months

Thirty-One Months

"We sit around the table, and we fold our hands to pray.  We say a thank you prayer to God on this Thanksgiving Day"
~ My Thanksgiving Prayer By Crystal Bowman

Weight:   26 lbs

Height:   35”

Wearing: 2T, Size  6 Shoe

Motor Milestones:  Hello Lillian Ballerina!  Twirling is a big thing for Lilly right now, when she dances it is in a circular motion and her most favorite thing is to twirl on one foot.  Usually she also has to move her arms and sing with her eyes closed all at the same time.  It is pretty magical.  We have also been enjoy lots of games of Hide-N-Seek and charades.  Swimming is an adventure and she is learning to do so many things by herself, Jump Down, Turn Around is her favorite and she even tries it when it is not her turn.  Luckily Ms. Sande has super senses and is always quick to retrieve her.

Language Milestones: So I mentioned last month that funny things have been coming out of Lillian's brain/mouth and that has continued.  She likes to bust out "Stop, Collaborate & Listen" and then follow up with "Funky"  She is still learning the words in between.  She has also been mimicking things that we say, so randomly she will call one of us Honey.  She has been doing great with dinner time conversation and has all kinds of things to say.  We have been looking at magazines to find numbers and letters while waiting for dinner to cook.  Lately she has had quite an opinion about all the different things in the magazine, especially Pink Cars & Money.  (See video clips)

·        Went to her first University Sporting Event, to see Andrea and SVSU play the GVSU volleyball team.
·         Survived her first major storm that necessitated us to flee to the basement and use headlamps, followed by 24 hours without power.
·         Loves "The Original" Pete the Cat and His White Shoes and often tells the story to herself at nap time and in the car.

Favorites: Opening doors for people, deciding what belongs to babies and what belongs to big girls, Dora & Princess Unders, wearing BOOTS, pretending it is still Halloween (she loves the chocolate, just like her Daddy).

 Video Clips Of The Month: