Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weird Week

 /wi(ə)rd/ - suggesting something strange; abnormal.

One of Lilly's new go to words is WEIRD.   Pretty sure she picked that up from me.  As I use it as a "safe word" for anything that I have an issue with ... so Bugs are weird, bad drivers are weird, things people say are weird, etc..  So, this week has been weird.  We have been doing weird things with our addition project, we had a weird storm that left us without power for about 24 hours and it was weird to try noodles.

"Weird" progress with the installation of a new sliding door wall in the family room, a giant window for the bathroom addition, old insulation removed and new insulation installed and pink foam board tacked on all around.  Those rooms will be snuggly this winter.