Thursday, December 5, 2013

Celebrate Good Times ... Come On

I can tell it is the end of the semester, because things are starting to become a blur of activity.  Thanksgiving was just last week, right?

We have been doing a ton of celebrating .. first Lillian and I got to spend some extra time at my parent's house, while Matt worked on some electrical and plumbing things in the bathroom edition.  That was a celebration for me and I took full enjoyment of eating meals that were prepared by my mom, giving others' the chance to play endless rounds of memory, match and bingo with Lilly and sleeping in while GiGi and Papa took over Lilly duty.

Then we celebrated the chance to see Auntie Katie, Blake, Drew & Baby Nick.  Lilly loved playing with "her boys" and thoroughly enjoyed her Doc McStuffins Dr.s Kit ...Everyone in the house got a check up!  I love the pictures that I get when we try a group shot, it will get easier as they get older, right?

Matt celebrated his 33rd birthday on Thanksgiving, so of course he requested to watch the Dog Show on TV..  HAHAHA But we did give him some adorable crafts from Lilly, MORE power tools and a delicious Apple Pie with Ice Cream.  Besides a birthday celebration, we also had our traditional Thanksgiving feast.  Dinner was delicious as always and a fun day to share with the generations.

The last celebration to round out the Holiday was the announcement of a "New Baby" in the family.  Aunnie and Uncle Jake are going to be new parents, sometime in June.  Lilly is adjusting to the idea and is more than happy to share all her stuff with the new baby," as long as she can have it back, when the baby is big."