Thursday, December 26, 2013

Chrismas Eve & Christmas: 2013

In a change of tradition, we had everyone to our house for Christmas Eve and Christmas.  It was so much fun and a tradition that I hope we keep.

On Christmas Eve there was a lot of activity in the kitchen.  Lilly and I had to wear our matching Christmas aprons and GiGi wore her coordinating one.  We worked together to bring a little Jackson to Grand Rapids and enjoyed homemade Beach Bar Tomato Soup and Hot Sandwiches.  It was a different spin on our usual Christmas Eve dinner, but it was enjoyed by all.  The festivities continued with tons of Lilly Bug excitment and energy.  We read Christmas Books, we watch A Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, we put out cookies for Santa and we sprinkled our Reindeer Food on the lawn.  9pm couldn't come soon enough for the adults, but Bug was so excited she could barely fall asleep and claimed she heard Santa.
Delivering Cookies to the Neighborhood
GiGi & Lilly Making Soup
The Ladies of the Kitchen
Family Photo Attempt 100
Story Time

Christmas Day was one big long feast, starting with breakfast, brunch, snacks, treats and dinner.  It was delicious.  Lilly enjoyed playing Elf and handing out the gifts to the adults and was very enthusiastic about looking at the "baby stuff" that Aunnie and Uncle Jake got for the new baby.  I'm not sure if GigGi, Papa, Namma, Uncle Mark and Diane found more enjoyment in watching Lilly open her gifts or listening to the commentary she had about every present.  Papa got presents, because "He is a nice boy."  Gigi got a bracelet that "Lilly, will wear when she gets bigger." And Uncle Mark and Diane got things for their GVSU offices, "That Lilly will play with when she visits, they need to take good care of them for her."